Frequently Asked Questions:

Get your beginner fitness hoop from All The Hoopla on Etsy (a black female owned business). I recommend you purchase a hoop AT LEAST 40 inches in diameter weighing around 1.5 lbs if you're a beginner. The size will be specified in the listing.

Once you've purchased a beginner fitness hoop you're ready to join the online community! Yay! The monthly fee is just $5 a month. Here are some of the perks members enjoy: • Content on the go via the Patreon Mobile App • Beginner hooping workshop videos • Exclusive content (Access to Patron Only Workout Collections). • Video tutorials & lessons. • Bonus Health and Wellness Posts. • Bonus/surprise content. • Fitness planning bundle (2 PDF downloads). • Exclusive Lens (Mobile Updates) Access • Gratitude and a heartfelt thank you.